Roaming on a rainy day

Well , it happened…it finally rained here in SF. I would have preferred to have been in PJs, snuggling on the couch all day but work had to be done. However, my spirits brightened after a nice long run at the gym when we went to our favorite gourmet burger place in our neighborhood, ROAM 🙂

Dave indulged in the “French and Fries” burger. As you would expect, it included fries and cheesy goodness.

And I ordered my favorite salad with mini quinoa burgers and of course, lots of ketchup, and sweet potato fries!

The evening ended with a fabulous night of television: Parks and Recreation (special guest PAUL RUDD!!) and Up All Night. If you ever need a good laugh tune in to either of these shows, or just click on the hyperlink – enjoy!

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