A wee bit windy

Well Friday night was on of the windiest that I can remember living here in SF. Dave and I armed ourselves with flashlights in preparation for a blackout but we lived through the night with all of our power. The wind continued into yesterday morning, making for a very difficult run. After battling the wind for a few miles I decided it won and I turned to the hills to make my way to my friend’s house where Dave was cleaning his road bike. 

After my 6 mile run Dave and I ran errands, the norm for many Saturdays, and relaxed on the couch before dinner at one of our favorite spots where we live, Pacific Catch.

Do you remember a world before smart phones? Well, believe me it did exist and when they started to unveil this newfangled technology the iPhone used Pacific Catch in their commercial to demonstrate how one day everyone would find a restaurant using their mobile telephone.

(There was a delicious crab salad in this bowl I promise)

Hard to imagine life without a smart phone these days. Do you know anyone who still does not have a smart phone? I do 🙂

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