Flowers on a Friday

The weather has been beautiful this past week, and before the rain came today, it truly felt like Spring.

And what comes out during Spring? Flowers! When I walked into work after a 6:30am pilates class I was met with these beautiful hydrangeas left on my desk by my coworker.

This burst of color by my computer screen kept me going throughout the day and it inspired me to walk home and enjoy the fresh air before the predicted rainy weekend.

After dinner out at our local spot, Pacific Catch, we happened upon this new store that just opened, Brandy ā¤ Melville – anyone else heard of it? Due to my recent back issues I have decided to invest in a backpack and avoid hauling my big satchel around the city. It just so happened that I found an attractive bag in this new store and bought it right on the spot.

Now off to explore the day in the rain – wearing my new backpack of course!

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