Can I have a do-over morning please?

When I woke up at 5:40 yesterday morning I was expecting to go to a 6:15 spin class and then catch the 7:30 bus to work – well let me tell you this did not happen. Instead, when I got to the gym, with plenty of time to sign up for the class mind you, the person right in front of me snagged the last bike! Then when I looked around the gym basically every machine was being used and every last treadmill was taken. So I decided to race back home and go for my own run – in the dark. Sadly at the very end of my run my knee started to hurt so I walked home and made my way to work.

My early morning effort to work out was to make sure we had plenty of time for laundry in the evening. Remember when Dave and I went with the rest of my family to Anguilla? Well we haven’t done laundry since before we left for this trip – before January 3rd! So Tuesday way the day.

Let’s just say we did a lot of laundry, which is one of the most productive and satisfying things a human can do 🙂 We do not have our own washer or dryer in our apartment building so we travel down the street and pass the time playing cards.





This morning I am going back to the physical therapist to check out my knee again and to learn how to “chi-run”. I will certainly let you all know how this goes…

2 thoughts on “Can I have a do-over morning please?

    1. I made sure I went super early to my next spin class and I signed up and got a spot. Then when I went to the class there was hardly anyone in it and there was really no need to sign up – you just can’t win haha.

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