Only to return….

With an early wake up for a morning flight back to San Fran there was no time for a workout Sunday morning.

The Charlotte airport was really quiet when I got there – believe it or not I was the ONLY person in the security line. For some reason they felt the need to pat-down my head just to see if I was carrying any undisclosed weapons in my bun but I think it was to make them feel like they were doing something.

Either way, I made it through to my gate so I could enjoy the second part of my breakfast. Breakfast part one was at the hotel to settle my stomach and breakfast part two was simply to make me smile.

Breakfast #1

This is exact same work training trip is happening again next month so I will be back in North Carolina very soon. While I am not thrilled to head back for another super quick trip, I am thoroughly going to enjoy the time back at home for the next few weeks.

Breakfast #2

The flight, while long, went smoothly and I made it back to my apartment by 1pm. Even though it was approaching dinner time on the east coast I decided to make the most of my afternoon and went to the gym to do the following workout.


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The Just Got Off a Plane Workout – or better known as, move every part of your body a little bit

– 20 min on the elliptical doing intervals

– multiple abdominal exercises of your choosing for 7-10 min.

– Plank – 1 minute

– 1 set of dips (x15 reps)

Optional: walk to your local grocery store to pick up food for the week and then carry your bags back to your apartment (I did this and feel much more settled for the week ahead)

 The morning in Carolina – the afternoon by the San Fran Bay 🙂

The view from the supermarket, right on the water - foggy just like San Fran likes it.

Happy Monday Everyone!


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