Half Day

Remember in elementary/middle/high school when you got to leave at 12:30 or 1 for a half day? Well I treated Monday like my very own grown up half day. After working all weekend long I decided to stop into the office early in the morning and get all my immediate work done and then take the rest of the afternoon off. I took a delicious version of my detox jr. salad with me and munched on this goodness while answering emails and filing paperwork.

When I arrived home I was greeted with early Valentine’s day flowers! BEST. HALF. DAY. EVER!

They were also in honor of our month-aversary, which we used to celebrate with a night out to dinner when we were in college. Because this one is next to V-day we decided to miss the rush of holiday crowds tonight and go out to dinner last night.

We tried this little French restaurant, Gamine, that we’ve been meaning to try since we moved here. It was incredible! No one was in the restaurant because we went on the early side, so it felt like we had rented out the place to ourselves. The ambiance was romantic and warm and the food was absolutely delicious.

We had a fabulous feast of chicken and mussels and we ended the evening with this brilliant movie (and lots of garlic breath):

I’m celebrating the day by staying home from work, what are you doing this holiday?


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