The shoe saga

It has taken 3 pairs of shoes over this past month to finally find a pair that I am in love with. After adjusting my running form I went back to my original lightweight running shoes but I was not satisfied with the lack of sole padding and they were pretty warn in. So then I purchased my Brooks, which left me with bloody ankles and I felt like the shoe was doing most of the work. I then went out on a limb and purchased a random pair of Nike’s but they still didn’t feel right and then yesterday I bought these beauties and I am over the moon!

They feel like they are barely there, which is perfect for chi running and no bloody ankles! I ran an easy 3 miles and then had a cramp in my derrière which derailed the rest of my long run and left me stretching it out the rest of the night.

For dinner, I had a great idea to wrap my tuna salad in a piece of nori left over from sushi night months ago, but it looks much better than it actually tasted.

So to make up for this under par meal I decided to take tastes of everything else in the kitchen. Note to self: Do not think that just because you take a taste of multiple cookies, cereals and lactose-free ice cream that things do not add up. Take the time to make yourself a decent dinner so you are satisfied and do not scavenge like there is no tomorrow. 

Needless to say yesterday definitely felt like Fat Tuesday, so today is all about eating smart again.

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