I don’t eat clams but my legs can do a mean one

Why do Mondays always feel the same?

I tried to drag the weekend into the work week by enjoying leftovers from dinner Saturday night from Blue Barn Cafe. Sadly the salad was a bit soggy and with every bite it still remained Monday.

I made it through a day full of staring at the computer, answering emails and phone calls, and by the evening I was more than ready to hit the gym. Still no running but I managed half an hour of cardio on the elliptical followed by my glute exercises.

My physical therapist mentioned that runners do not have the strongest glute muscles because they are only moving in one direction, strengthening the muscle in only one way. In order to be a stronger runner and prevent future injuries I need to increase the overall strength of this large muscle. I have been instructed to do the following clam exercises and I welcome all runners to add these to their exercise routine to increase their running potential.

I do these lying on my side:

My workout also included some pushups and abs and then I came home and threw together some ground turkey with veggies and tomato sauce using these handy-dandy cooking tools found at my local Trader Joes.

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