PB2 on WIAW2

It’s that time of the week again and time for my seconde WIAW 🙂

And for this post I am premiering PB2!

This magnificent ingredient is simply peanut butter minus the oil (in powder form) and can be easily used in smoothies, reconstituted with water or in hot cereal, like the 9 grain cereal I made this morning.

Before lunch I enjoyed some steamed carrots (an Almondjay favorite) and hummus:

Quickly followed by my cottage cheese salad for my midday meal:

Sometimes in the office we share snacks, like these, and I eat too many…ie. stomach ache

Still no running, so I took a long walk home, hit the elliptical for a bit and then went to my pilates class. In all of my hour long pilates classes I always feel like the time flies – I never look at the clock and before I know it I am sweaty and I wiping my mat clean.

I was super duper hungry when I got home so no picture of dinner, which was half of a sweet potato with plain cottage cheese and maple syrup drizzled over everything.

I do however have a pic of the after dinner meal (some call this dessert) – cereal and sliced almonds.

And that was it for the day – hope everyone is enjoying their hump day! Did you eat anything green yesterday? (looks like I only managed leafy salad greens – bit of a WIAW fail – woops)

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