only for a moment

The rain finally stopped Sunday morning and it would have been a cold, but refreshing day for a run. I let myself be sad for one second and then embraced the fact the pain in my lower back has gotten very minimal and pumped myself up for a hardcore pilates class.

Sunday’s instructor was a woman I have never met before and all I can say is she meant business. As soon as I felt like I had mastered a move she would come over and make the slightest adjustment to my form and the burning in my muscles would multiply by ten.

Needless to say I was hungry for lunch after I survived the class and whipped up some parsnip and rutabaga fries with some cinnamon and maple syrup. I also made a PB2 dipping sauce and rounded out the meal with a bowl of cottage cheese and jam.

Sunday errands included getting groceries, taking out the recycling and picking up around the apartment. Just enough to tire me out and work up another appetite for dinner:

I can’t believe it’s Monday again! Who’s ready for the weekend? ME ME!

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