Kinda like a day back in college

Saturday definitely reminded me of a day back in college: some exercise, a lecture, free goodies and a night out.

After another successful workout on the elliptical I showered and hopped in the car with Dave to head to an alumni event. This time it was a small lecture from a famed Brandeis professor and renowned public health advisor Stuart Altman.

It has been a long time since I was in a lecture like setting and it made me nostalgic for the college days. In addition to some intellectual insight we were offered brunch nibbles – yum.

Right after this we drove over the bridge to Oakland to pick up my race jersey and bib for the Oakland half marathon I am not doing today because of my latest injury.

Walking around the expo I started to feel pretty bummed out that I was not running today, but I realized at this point I am simply happy to be walking without pain and soon enough (maybe not as fast as I would like) I will be running again. The weather is also freezing cold and rainy – less than ideal race conditions – and I am more than happy to spend the day inside.

To round out the day Dave and I went on a nice date night to a local pizza joint, Delarosa. I of course did not eat the pizza (it does mean that I ate the crust and picked off a few mushrooms though) and I did enjoy a super juicy grilled chicken salad and a ginger cocktail 🙂

And yes, we went to see the Hunger Games, and yes I was super duper pleased with how they stayed so true to the book with the characters, plot and feel. And yes it was so good!

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