Healthy living on the job

I spend my days working in an office in downtown San Francisco, sitting 8 hours a day in front of a computer screen and on the phone. While I enjoy my job and the people I am serving in the community, I do not enjoy the minimal movement and the many food temptations.

Everyday I try to take at least a quick break and take a walk around the block, even if that means stopping into a few stores along the way (and maybe purchasing a few items…). If I’m feeling really inspired I will take the stairs up to the seventh floor – however it makes me pretty dizzy going up the stairwell so I don’t do this too often haha. And if it’s a nice day I will walk the 45 minutes home to my apartment on the other side of the city before I head to the gym or go for a run.

I also do a good job of bringing my own food for breakfast, lunch and snacks. Like yesterday, I brought a salad, a soy pudding cup and carrots and hummus.

But it’s hard not to run across the street and grab a box of goodies to share with the office or treat myself to one or two small cookies, which inevitably turns into many small cookies. I have to say I am getting better with my snacking but I am only human and like everyone I indulge every once in a while 🙂

To keep myself from straying too far I preoccupy myself by searching  the internet for healthy recipes and workout ideas, such as this great workout I completed from enjoy your healthy life blog after a half hour on the elliptical:

This really burned after my body was already sore from pilates class the other day but I all about strengthening my glutes so bring on the pain!

Do you struggle at work to incorporate healthy practices? How do you cope?

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