How to inspire a boring Wednesday

Wednesday’s always seem slow to me. My work email is less busy and my office phone rings much less frequently. So I thought why not spice up the mid-week day and treat myself to something refreshing: cucumber water.

I know it sounds a little silly but every time I took a sip at work it brought me to a peaceful place and the smell alone made me feel like I was at a spa. Super simple, but it made a difference in an otherwise normal Wednesday.

If you are looking for another new twist to your routine check out this new reality show my friend is in – Escape Routes. My friend is Ross and his teammate is Brett and already they are a crowd favorite.

In other news it is National Public Health Week. Check out the website for tips on living a healthy lifestyle, how to get involved in your community and informative articles.

A new drink, a new TV show and a new website should be plenty to keep you busy until the weekend 😉


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