Everyone loves matzo ball soup

It has been 5 days since the beginning of passover and I am surviving the lack of leavened products. The hardest part for me is avoiding peanuts! Based on the dietary restrictions of Passover peanuts are a legume and they are considered off limits.

I love peanut butter – I have at least a spoonful a day. So in place of peanut butter I have been eating almond butter – on everything and everything. Yesterday, I had it on my matzah and then later on my banana.

This was good fuel for my pilates class later that evening.

For those of you who have never taken a pilates class or never seen pilates exercises, here are some of the moves I work on at least twice a week in my classes:



(so now you know what I do when I say I had a pilates class hehe)

Since Passover started I have not had a single matzo ball, so last night was the night.


I made the soup with a 3 to 1 ratio of water to chicken stock. Then I boiled some carrots, celery and an onion with some garlic and oregano.

I also threw in some cubes of chicken and then made some matzo balls. No secret here, I use the box mix, but hey, they are nice and fluffy, so I’m proud to say I make delicious (boxed) matzo balls 🙂

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