Sleeeeepy Sunday

Sundays are usually a day of resting, grocery shopping, gyming and walking. And all of these things were accomplished yesterday.

My body was exhausted from my pilates class on Saturday and all of the exploring we did, but I knew I still wanted to get to the gym, so I fueled myself with some breakfast. I made a small batch of breakfast quinoa made simply by replacing the water with almond milk and stirred it into the last bit of cookie butter that was left in the jar with half of a banana.

My workout involved an elliptical and stretching, and while I wish it had involved some running, I decided to give my body a rest and I will attempt a jog this week.

After a walk to the market I carried back food for the week and made myself a cottage cheese salad.

The rest of the day was spent lounging, napping and making dinner, which involved garlic parsnip fries:

These parsnip fries, sprinkled with salt, pepper and garlic powder, hit the spot 🙂

Now that I am well rested it is time for the week to begin….

5 thoughts on “Sleeeeepy Sunday

    1. OMG – Emily, it is amazing! haha. It’s super sweet but I like to eat a spoonful or two for a pick me up. It’s very hard to find out here near me because they fly off the shelves. I’d give it a shot 😉

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