Friends, Fish and Funnies

You can’t go wrong when you end your day with an old friend, sushi and laughs.

Last night after another relaxing and torturous pilates class (yes those two adjectives are exactly how I would describe pilates classes), Dave and I met up with a college friend who was in town for the night.

These are a few of the moves that I had to endure before I could reward myself with sushi!

Then we went to our neighborhood sushi spot, where the waitress knows us and you can’t go wrong with any menu choice.

I clearly enjoyed my sashimi and extra ginger, as always!

And of course we had to treat our guest to cupcakes!

The rest of the evening was spent laughing as we remembered the ridiculous college days and watched old videos, capturing moments of our comic genius. I drifted off to sleep still giggling about the old days…

How often do you reminisce about college/your younger days?

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