A Sprinkling of Treats

Most days are fairly routine: make meals, work, gym. And while Thursday involved all three of these activities, there was definitely a sprinkling of treats to mix up the day.

(Treat 1) I normally ride the bus by myself, but Thursday morning our guest took the bus downtown with me. It was nice to have a buddy 🙂

Once at work I enjoyed my breakfast of cottage cheese, jam and some cereal to top it off.

(Treat 2) Then I enjoyed a delicious sandwich of avocado and hummus – a new combo for me and a winner!

(Treat 3) I received a mug and a $5 Starbucks card in the mail from one of the past companies my organization has worked with – who doesn’t love getting mail!?!?

(Treat 4) I ran a mile on the treadmill! Slightly uncomfortable but not painful so we will see how my body responds the rest of the day.

Dinner – veggies, egg, nutritional yeast – YUM!

(Treat 5) Beautiful weather enjoyed with roof top viewing.

(Treat 6) Watching this action masterpiece with my man.

Plenty of goodies for a typical Thursday.

Happy Friday everyone – and may treats be in all of your futures!

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