Saturday was a day of cleaning. My boyfriend’s birthday was earlier this week and we decided to celebrate with our friends last night, which meant good times AFTER we did a good sweep of the apartment. (It’s always good to have people over – it keeps your apartment in check hehe).

Of course before we could celebrate in style we had to indulge in some Thai food for dinner – papaya salad, but obviously not as good as mine the other night.

After filling ourselves with shrimp, papaya and mint we rushed back home to finish setting up.

I did not make anything special for the evening but people were plenty satisfied with chips and salsa and veggies and hummus. What do you normally serve when you have people over?

The party was a success and today will be spent cleaning and hopefully some form of exercise will find it’s way into the schedule. I’m posting the links below to motivate me to sweat later – I hope you find some inspiration too 🙂

Arm workout

Walk it off


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