Sometime’s Sundays are spent on the couch. Yesterday was a day of recovery from our party Saturday night and I only stepped outside for food.

The morning outing was to the farmer’s market for samples, fresh veggies and eye candy:

Yummy dinner creations are on their way…

I also put the dehydrator to work to make kale chips!! I simply gave the kale a quick spritz of olive oil and added some salt and garlic powder. After a few hours in the machine these crunchy, scrumptious chips were ready to be gobbled up.

After a day of power relaxing I have decided to spend the next week (and maybe longer) continuing this recharge with a sugar cleanse. I have decided to refrain from eating any extra sugar, like candy, chocolate, sugary cereals, sprinkles… My colitis has been acting up a bit, and while it’s impossible to know the true source of this pain (it’s normally a combination of food, stress, time of year), I know that my indulgence in the smallest part of the food pyramid has not be helping the situation.

Also, since I have been injured it just so happens that things have slowed down at work and I find I am snacking to fill the void, but I’m not running the six or seven miles to balance the extra munchies. I just want to get back on track while I slowly start running again.

Feel free to join me in this recharge of sorts and comment with progress, tips and support. I will be holding myself accountable through the blog and will be honest and open as always. Here’s too a happy and healthy Monday 🙂

3 thoughts on “Recharge

  1. Erika

    I love you so much — such a time of change for everyone. Good luck with the sugar cleanse (Farber beat ya too it!) and feel free to call and lean on my proverbial shoulder whenever you need. xoxo.

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