I know him – he’s on TV

Day one of sugar cleanse:

Honestly, I did not really have any strong craving for anything sweet. In the morning I wanted to dip my spoon into my jar of cookie butter but was able to restrain myself and left the apartment with no regrets.

There was still plenty of snacking to refuel after my 2 mile run and elliptical workout yesterday morning – yes that’s right, I ran 2 miles on the treadmill! But instead of reaching for a sweet treat that would inevitably leave me unsatisfied I ate veggies and hummus and rice cakes, which left me feeling content.

Dinner looked like this because we attended a special meet and greet…

We went downtown to meet the cast of Escape Routes – a reality show that airs at 8pm on Saturday nights on NBC. Our friend Ross is competing to win a Ford Escape and $100,000!! Go #teamyoutube!

There was time to mingle and a question and answer session with the cast.

And a chance to meet the hosts…

Dave with Ijustine - one of the online hosts. She has over 1.4 million twitter followers!

It was fun to see all of these people in person and it was great to hang out with our friend who has been busy with this show for quite some time. It’s so weird to see him on tv or in ads in magazines, but I’m not going to complain about knowing a reality tv star 🙂 Do any of you guys have friends on reality/non reality tv?

TIme for Tuesday – sugar cleanse day two bring it on!

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