WIAW – Farmer’s Market Style

It’s been a while since I brought this breakfast to work, so I thought I would bring back the 9 grain cereal (sans sprinkles for the sugar cleanse).

Snacks of carrots and hummus and rice cakes found their way to my desk throughout the day.

And lunch was a typical salad with turkey, avocado, almond cheese and some almond slivers.

Dinner was the real highlight of the day, but that was only after I went for a half hour run outside! I felt human again pounding the pavement with fellow runners, moving towards the Golden Gate Bridge right alongside the water. I couldn’t have asked for a better pre-dinner work out.

 I came home to a giant pot of homemade tomato sauce a la chef Dave. On Sunday we bought a bag full of fresh tomatoes from the farmer’s market along with some basil and zucchinis. After jarring some of the sauce I added extra lean turkey to the remaining sauce for some protein. Then I made spaghetti strips form the zucchini with my handy dandy tool and topped it with the turkey sauce. 

Dessert was a small bowl of fiber one cereal and a few more almond slivers to keep me company while I read my blogs 🙂

7 thoughts on “WIAW – Farmer’s Market Style

  1. 2 things:

    1) I’m jealous you get to run near the the Golden Gate Bridge..sounds like one of the most perfect runs I could imagine:)

    2) That spaghetti making zucchini tool is so neat! I have never seen one of those before! Looks like it makes a great alternative to traditional pasta.

  2. Zucchini spaghetti – how cool that is!!! I usually make zucchini fettuccine since I don’t have a spiralizers nor other tools. But the spaghetti looks way more awesome.

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