Count It

I normally eat similar snacks throughout the day, carrots, dry cereal, rice cakes, bananas…

Well yesterday I switched it up with some new treats and I was pleasantly surprised.

This bag of sweet potato pop chips was the perfect amount of salty and sweet. And in a 100 calorie pack you can’t go wrong.

Later I was craving some hummus and I didn’t have any carrots, but I had apple slices – so TaDa!

In even more exciting news – I know, how could there be more exciting news than eating new snack foods? – well, I ran 3 miles on the treadmill! I feel like I’m finally back in action and I am so pleased with my patience and perseverance. I am certainly not back to 100% and I am by no means at racing speed but just to be able to hit the 3 mile mark with no serious pain or discomfort feels amazing. I decided to reward myself by adding my miles to my daily mile account:

I am giving myself a few more comfortable runs before I look to sign up for my next race, but im itching to lighten my bank account with some half marathons…

Anyone signed up or know of great races in the bay area coming up?

Any great snack ideas I should know about?

Happy Friday Everyone – you made it!

2 thoughts on “Count It

  1. Erika

    Banana and cheese WAS weird. Dani seconds that… apple and hummus is close second. 😉 I’m a really big fan of Trader Joe’s Sea Salt and Pepper crisps when I need a crunchy snack — they’re easy to eat just one serving of because they’re really spicy after awhile!

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