Standing Room Only

Have you heard of this new fad of standing desks? Well, I do not have one of these new fangled contraptions that allows you to comfortably view your computer screen and type while in a standing position, but that did not stop me from creating my own version.

My colitis has been acting up lately and I find sitting to be rather uncomfortable so standing   like this at my desk was actually quite a relief. After a few hours my legs got tired and I went back to sitting, but it was nice to switch things up and give my body a break. Do you use a standing desk? If you don’t would you like to try it?

I was able to stand comfortably for quite some time because I was fueled by some eggs and oats:

And for some natural sweetness I munched on some dehydrated mangos that I whipped up in the dehydrator over night.

After all of this standing I was ready for a nice meal out, so Dave and I had date night at a local restaurant, Ristobar.

Dave loves the stuffed peppers and swears the next time we go back he is just ordering five plates of them  – if this happens we may not be allowed back….

I had asparagus soup and it was dairy free! Rare, and although over salted, quite yummy.

It wasn’t the best food I have had out, but a few dishes hit the mark and will keep us coming back.

Today I have a special visitor – more to come later 🙂

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