a pot of gold at the end of the “patience” rainbow

Look what happened over the weekend:

Yes that is a sweaty me, but look at my wrist! I finally feel good enough to run outside with my Garmin. I literally had to brush off a layer of dust on this baby before I put it on and somehow it still managed to be charged enough to go for a 3.25 mile run along the water. While I was certainly not using the Garmin to track my speed (I’m still taking it easy), it was nice to see how far I could run comfortably by simply looking down at my wrist.

It felt so good to be back on the road that I went for another run Monday evening to visit my old stomping ground near the Palace of Fine Arts.

When I got home I made sure to stretch my entire body properly, especially my glutes.

And then I cooked up some veggies and eggs

and the star of the meal – a cooked sweet potato with some PB2 🙂

A a little while ago I wrote about patience and yesterday truly was a testament to the power of waiting. After weeks of not running, strengthening the rest of my body, stretching and inhaling Advil like it’s my job, I am finally starting to get back into my running groove. It certainly was not easy to stay off my feet and there were many moments when I simply got frustrated with my pain and discomfort, but listening to my body has truly paid off.

While injuries are never welcomed, this particular incident led to my new love of Pilates and has given me a chance to strengthen and understand my body. It might just be time to sign up for my next race as a reward for all of this good behavior…

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