Leaving one home for another

Yesterday was my last day of work at the non-profit I have worked with for the past 2 years living in San Francisco.

My coworkers gave me a very nice send-off lunch, full of fresh food, good laughs and fond memories.

It was weird to clean up my desk and pack up my things with the knowledge that it was the last time I would sit in “my chair” at “my computer”.

And while I am of course sad to leave my non-profit home that I have grown with over my 2 years there, I am very ready and excited for my next career step. 

Before I make this leap into the corporate world on Monday I am taking a quick trip home to visit my family in New Jersey! This weekend I will be celebrating my mom, seeing my little sister who is home from college and spending quality time with my dad…

and of course playing with my dog!

What are your thoughts about changing jobs? Was it your choice? Are you happy you made the change?

2 thoughts on “Leaving one home for another

  1. Erika

    SO SO proud of you!!! A little nervous for the bird in that photo… but tell Lillian (and the rest of the fam) that I say hello anyways. 😉

  2. i’ve only changed major jobs once… changed school districts.. it was definitely for the better though! change can be hard, but def a good thing sometimes! good luck!

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