Home again Home again

Only a few sleep-filled hours later and I am now in New Jersey.

Before the House Wives and Jersey Shore – New Jersey was just a place I called home for 18 years.

I haven’t set foot in my house for 1 and a half years, but it felt like I had never left. The street looked the same, the fridge was full of the same food, and my dog greeted me at the door as always (and then went to lie down after all of the excitement).

My mom and I started our reunion with a pedicure and then walked around town catching up and shopping.

Later in the day we celebrated with a family dinner surrounded by good friends.

My sugar cleanse, otherwise known as my pledge to eat less/extra sugar, was put on hold last night as we indulged in some celebration food in cupcake form.

And now off to celebrate superwoman’s birthday, otherwise known as my mom 🙂

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