Oh public transportation

I’m a walker. Wherever and whenever I can I choose to walk over other forms of transportation. But getting across town early in the morning and after a long day of work is reserved for the bus. In the morning I only have to walk 3 blocks to my stop and I always have my choice of seat. By the time it gets super crowded I am at my destination after only about half an hour. The bus ride home is another story.

The bus is always completely packed with people leaving work, people going home after class and then there are the crazies!! I think they just ride the bus to make it a living hell for everyone else. While I was on a my way home yesterday this lady in a wheel chair started freaking out at everyone in the front of the bus because they were all sitting down and making it impossible for her to get through (not true). She made another big to do when she was getting off the bus (note: everyone was moving quickly to get out of her way to get her off of the bus ASAP). Let’s just say that this little saga delayed my bus about 10 minutes, and that’s a long time when all you want to do is get home.

I somehow had the energy to get myself to the gym, after I peeled myself from the bus, and luckily got the last treadmill to pump out 5 miles.

Before I knew it I was eating a cottage cheese dinner at 8pm and watching reality tv. Sounds like a perfect Thursday evening to me.

What is your commute like? 

Happy Friday!

3 thoughts on “Oh public transportation

  1. My walking commute is almost always interrupted by someone motioning for me to take my headphones out, tricking me into thinking they need directions, and then hitting me with the old “Have you heard about the female image of God in the Bible?” Gets me every time.

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