Not Enough Hours in the Day

I am going out on a limb here but, I am pretty sure it is safe to say that most people would agree that there are never enough hours in a day to get everything done. I am so happy with my new job, well at least my third day hasn’t scared me away yet, but my longer commute means that I have to leave earlier in the morning to walk a bit farther to a bus stop, then travel on the bus for an additional 10-20 minutes than I’m used to.

I have to be a work by 8 and I leave at 5:30 (at the earliest), so lets just say I was overjoyed when I made it home with time to change before a 6:30 pilates class. I felt rushed while on the cramped bus and when I was throwing on clothes as I ran out of my apartment checking to make sure I had all of my lady parts covered, but as soon as I sat down on the mat the stress of the day lifted away.

After an hour of posing and de-stressing I was greeted at home by this:

Dave was inspired by his trip to Vietnam and decided to cook a special dinner of authentic foods. In a day where I was wishing for more time, having someone else cook dinner was just what I needed. And it was delicious! The flavors were incredible and it was nice to have a change of pace for a home cooked meal.

Even though my days don’t seem long enough, they are flying by and I can’t believe it’s already Thursday. Can you believe that it is already the middle of May? I swear, when you are younger it never feels like you will be old enough to drive a car, but now I feel like I can barely hold on to the minutes as they flit by by the hour.

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