New Finds

Congratulations everyone, you all made it through Monday and you are one step closer to your 3 day weekend 🙂

I am also patting myself on the back for successfully starting week 2 at my new job and to celebrate I am going to share some of my new finds that are fueling me through the week.

I am all about peanut butter – crunchy or smooth – I even have a jar of almond butter that I will take spoonfuls from, but now I can alternate all of these with another butter…


When I was home my mom had a jar of this stuff (crunchy style) and I had some every day. So I decided to go out and buy some of my own and I am so happy I did. Sadly the store did not have the crunchy kind but I will survive…this time…

I also picked up this new-to-me hummus and it is the perfect amount of spicy, cool and smooth.

And at lunch I washed down my salad with this new find

It’s only Tuesday so who knows what other new finds will pop up throughout the week.

What new food/drink finds have you stumbled upon recently?

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