WIAW before, during and after work

Unlike many healthy living bloggers, I have a 9-5 job that does not exist within the confines of a gym or a home office. This means that I have to prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner based on the hours of my job.

Yesterday morning I was lucky enough to have Dave drive me to the office, so I took advantage of the extra half an hour and went for a 4 mile run and then hopped in the car with matching smoothies.

Dave had his PB smoothie in one of our to-go containers (yes, this is a pasta sauce jar) and I had a mango, banana protein smoothie.

As a mid-morning snack I had this small cookie

and my brown-bag lunch was a turkey sandwich with hummus and a slice of this:

After my 45 minute commute on the bus across the city I quickly prepared some chicken with veggies, mixed them together with some balsamic dressing, thyme and garlic and wrapped it all up in a foil pack.

Ta Da!

And then I finished off the night with some of these babies – yet another delicious creation from Cheerios.

Has anyone else tried these? They are so good 🙂

8 thoughts on “WIAW before, during and after work

    1. No, it’s so nice and easy – you just throw everything, the veggies and the chicken, into a wrapped up piece of foil and they cook together 🙂

  1. fairyhealthylife

    I really like your blog. I’m glad I found it. 🙂 That cookie looks great! I need to find it. I really like the chocolate cheerios!

  2. everydayvegangirl

    I haven’t tried the cinnamon cheerios yet. Have you tried the banana ones? They are really hard to find, but if you do, they are so worth it!

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