WIAW – blast from the past

Based on the blog title and catch phrase it is clear that I love almond milk. While this obsession is based on taste, it is not purely voluntary, as dairy does not agree with my intestines. Even avoiding said foe does not always keep my stomach at bay and yesterday I felt the wrath of my colitis that I have not experienced in quite some time.

Due to all my doctor’s visits, first hand experience and years of practice I am able to call myself an expert on the issue and as a professional I acted accordingly. I first got frustrated at the initial signs of a flare up, then accepted the fact that it was going to be a bumpy morning and took care of myself. I went to the bathroom as often as needed, I walked around to avoid the discomfort of sitting and I thought happy thoughts. Gradually the pain subsided and my visits to the loo became less frequent and I was able to enjoy the rest of the day.

These painful, and often embarrassing flare ups, are distracting and annoying, but they always pass at some point. In the moment it feels like the world is ending, but once I make it through to the other side I experience a feeling of relief that I cannot even put into words.

Even though I was busy attending to my health needs, I still worked up an appetite. I managed to satiate my hunger, keeping in mind my bothersome colitis, with the following mini meals throughout the day.

Breakfast (before I knew what was coming) was a microwaved protein bowl and sunbutter.

It was an early morning at work (computer was turned on at 7:30am), so I had a mid-morning bar to hold me over till lunchtime.

Lunch was some steamed carrots and a turkey sandwich on a sandwich thin with hummus  (sorry no pic but I am confident you can all use your imaginations here)

and this edamame snack was delicious! I am totally buying this brand again.

By 5:30, as I was leaving work, I felt soooo much better compared to the morning and I was ready for a nice run by the time I got home. Hills have been on the back burner since recovering from injury number 2, so I decided it was about time I worked a hill run in to my training. My hill runs are normally much shorter mileage-wise but I still try to run for at least 30 minutes. Yesterday’s run involved these lovely stairs (there are four more sets of these past this set) and after running up big hills to get these stairs (and after them) I’d say I got a good hill work out in.

Definitely a workout that deserves some quinoa patties from Roam Burger 🙂

6 thoughts on “WIAW – blast from the past

  1. I love running stairs, they just seem to get my heart racing like no other workout. Those quinoa patties look so good, they remind me of the ones I always get a whole foods. Just wondering, what was in your morning protein bowl? 🙂

  2. fairyhealthylife

    Im such an almond lover too! I hope you’re feeling back to normal now. Those stairs look like they are no joke.

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