During and After

Yesterday’s post was all about what I do before I go for a long run. Well here is how all of that preparation paid off and then how I recovered.

Because there was minimal wind yesterday morning I decided to take advantage of the running playground I live in and run across the Golden Gate Bridge.

It’s about 4 miles up to the bridge, including a major hill from the water’s edge. Once on the bridge I whipped out a peanut butter Gu to get me through the gradual hill.

Clearly I was running too fast for the radar to pick up my exact speed.

This is the view from the other side of the bridge in Marin County looking back on the city – I can see my apartment!

After running to, across and back from the bridge I traveled a total of 9.25 miles.

Immediately after taking this picture I completed my post-long run routine:

Serving of protein powder

Compression sleeves and tons of stretching

And then some TV until I cooled down enough to take a shower.

How do you recover from a long run/workout?

2 thoughts on “During and After

  1. I get back to my start point (2 mins from home), walk to the house and have a glass of water. Walk to a nearby field and do all my warm-up exercises to cool down, I know that sounds stupid! I also do some gentle running. I also do some stretching for my calfs, quads and groin. That takes about 10-15 minutes then I walk back home.

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