Taking the Plunge

We all do it…

Stray from the comfort of the known, the well-liked, the satisfying

and try something new…

a new restaurant that is.

Last night we braved crossing the threshold of a new local eatery and were sorely disappointed.

We took some friends and were lured by the promise of yummy mexican, space to sit together and fast service. But the food was less than average, the seating was awkward and two out of the four meals took 5-7 extra minutes to join us at the table.

We are glad that we finally know the truth about the restaurant we have wanted to go to and now we know we don’t need to go again. It’s always hard to “waste” a meal but when you’re with good friends, who make you laugh the food isn’t really important and there is always that favorite restaurant around the corner.

Do you feel the same way about trying new places to eat?

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