Round and Round

Bicycles, Reduce Reuse Recycle, Life Cycles, well…you get the idea – there are lots of cycles in life, including food cycles. (Yes, this is probably something I just made up, but it makes sense to me: people cycle through different foods, eating too much food, eating too little, eating more of one type of food than another and on and on).

Awhile ago I went on a sugar cleanse because I felt like I was eating way too much sugar, making me feel sluggish and upsetting my tummy. I did really well for two weeks, not eating any excess sugar, like candy, chocolate or sugary cereals, and then I slowly introduced sugar back into my diet.

Well, the cycle of sugar has come around again and I am definitely eating more than my fair share of treats. So today, yes, a random Thursday in the middle of the month, is the day I will cut back again on my sugar intake.

I always feel better knowing that I haven’t ruined my day of good eats with too many handfuls of candy. And I know that my sensitive stomach also appreciates it when I avoid too many poor snacks. So here’s to another cleanse cycle 🙂

Anyone else feel like they go through food cycles?

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