freak act of physics

All of the doctors and nurses have confirmed that my broken hip is a complete freak accident. Nothing is wrong with my bones or my joints, which is great news, but I still have a broken hip.

Today is day 3 in the hospital, and after a wonderful day of visitors the day before and bed rest and a nourishing breakfast


Recovery is still a long journey ahead of me but knowing that I was able to get back on my feet (well one foot really) within 48 hours is a good motivator. I will keep you all posted with updates on my recovery, and thank you to all of your wonderful well wishes and positive thoughts – it means the world to me.

6 thoughts on “freak act of physics

    1. elisetteweiss

      Where is my first comment? This is what I tried to say…

      Look at you go! You’re inspiring! Can’t wait to see you walking with my own eyes. Let’s bedazzle those crutches 🙂

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