This time last week I was waking up in the hospital after a 4 and a half hour surgery to put a metal plate in my hip to fix a broken hip socket. Needless to say this is not how I expected to end my 10 mile run that Saturday morning, but life happens and so do freak accidents and I guess my number was up.

Looking back over the week I have had so many milestones and in any situation where you are trying to reach a goal it is important to reflect on the steps you have accomplished along the way. I have been keeping a daily list of milestones and thought a would share just a few with those of you who have been following my recovery:

– Being able to leave the hospital and recover in the comfort of my own apartment was an incredible relief, especially being able to shower!

– Taking daily “walks” (crutching around) on the walkway outside of my apartment makes me feel like I am getting fresh air and exercise.

– Having an appetite for home cooked food!

– Dressing myself from head to toe – yes, I put on every part of this truly fashionable outfit by myself 🙂

And keeping a smile on face, which isn’t always easy, is something I try to accomplish daily.

Soon enough this list will include going back to work, putting weight on my left leg, and getting rid of crutches all together. But until then I will continue to track the smaller milestones, like crutching to the kitchen and getting my own spoonful of peanut butter, smiling all the way.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend – what is something you have accomplished recently, big or small?

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