Lazy Bums

Well I really do have a “Lazy Bum” so to speak – with a foot-long incision on my left bum to fix my hip I’m not in any rush to be active. But Sunday was a cloudy, cool day in San Francisco, nothing like the rest of the country’s heatwave weather, so Dave and I decided to play a foul weather board game: Monopoly!

Dave and I actually played a really intense game, where it was unclear who was going to win for most of the game. At one point it got so crazy the dice went flying!

Don’t you worry, we made sure to calm ourselves after the “die in the water” incident haha.

It was fun to turn off the TV for a bit and play a game for a change – even if I did end up losing.

I wasn’t a complete bum all day long – I did do my strength exercises and practiced going up and down the stairs to my apartment building, which was exhausting, even for Dave.

It was a full Sunday and now I am ready to take on the week of working from home resting and getting better! And stay tuned for tomorrow’s doctor’s appointment to get an update about my injury and how far I have progressed!

One thought on “Lazy Bums

  1. Mike Cruickshank

    As a huge fan of the Jordan Faigen Experience it pains me to see you like this. You know, all happy and smiling despite the fact that you have an injury that makes Tiny Tim look like Usain Bolt.
    Best wishes and here’s to hoping for a speedy recovery. That and a future membership to a pool or something less hazardous than running.

    p.s. That boyfriend of yours really seems to love you a lot.

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