I am incredibly lucky to have a man in my life who loves all things medicine and has the ability to stay home with me right now and take care of me. As many of you know, crutches  keep both hands pretty busy when you move around and as hard as you try to think of a creative way to carry that cup or plate, the crutches have you beat every time.

Even though I have to have Dave bring me my meals and my water, there are many thing I can do on my own. I can get off the couch by myself, get into bed by myself, I can take myself to the bathroom, and even though I can’t carry my plates to the table, I can still put together a dish all on my own.

Yesterday I took some cooked salmon from the night before and mixed it with some brown rice, steamed broccoli and a splash of asian dressing and it was heaven.

I think it tasted so good because it was the first meal I put together for myself in over a week and any chance to do something independently in my current physical state is a huge relief.

The end of the day involved another shower and some good old relaxation with my feet up.

Today I am headed back to the doctor and I can’t wait to update you!

Stay Tuned…

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