First Outing

Yesterday was a BIG day. I fueled properly with some eggs, facon and chives…mmmm.

After breakfast, I finally reached the bottom of the stairs to my apartment complex and instead of hopping right back up to my apartment I made a left and headed to the car. The last time I was in the car was a week ago coming home from the hospital and this time it was much easier to get in the car and get comfortable.

I had a doctor’s appointment later in the afternoon, but I first stopped at my office to grab some files and say hello to everyone. It was nice to be back in the office at my desk, but after two hours of sitting uncomfortably in my chair I knew that it would still be a while before I was back full time.

Right after work I headed to the doctor’s, but only after I conquered this beast of an obstacle on my crutches.

Naturally I maneuvered around the sidewalk with ease and it I was off to my next destination – the doctor’s. I received encouraging news from the surgeon:

Stitches out next week, I am healing beautifully, only 4-5 more weeks till I am back on my two feet with no crutches, and basically I am doing great!

Needless to say I was overjoyed with all of the good news and exhausted from crutching around for over 4 hours. As soon as I got home I got comfy on the couch, took a pain pill and dug into my leftover salad, garnished with some tuna and almond cheese.

Right after I devoured this I went right to sleep. It was great to get out and see people and feel normal, but I think today will have to be a rest day πŸ™‚

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