Working Girl

I may be stuck at home, chained to my couch and slave to my aches and pains, but that does not mean that I am not working hard on my recovery or on my career. I have an arrangement with my boss to work on some projects from home that don’t necessarily need to be completed in an office setting.

So while yes, I do take naps and watch TV and play games, before these things happen I work. I really do miss my office, but it’s nice to start working when I get up early and have things accomplished before people even get into the office. And it’s even nicer to make a tuna melt when you have the urge to do so like I did yesterday.

(canned tuna, sandwich thin, almond cheddar cheese and some dijon mustard)

Or play a game on your break:

(this was Dave’s hand as we ended the game – clearly I am the better Monopolist)

Or even … not wear pants while working!

Let’s jus say that I am adjusting to working from home quite well, but I will be ready soon enough to go back to the structure of office life – especially because at a toy company game playing happens every day 😉

Do you work from home?

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