Fitting In

They Fit!

My stretchy jeans that is.

Fixing my broken hip came with a foot long incision on my left bum-cheek, a metal plate to hold my bones together and a very very very swollen left hip. Yesterday was the first day that I could squeeze into my pants without discomfort. It was nice for a while to have nice curves, but now I’m ready to fit back in my clothes.

Before showering and pouring myself into my jeans, I ate a delicious breakfast of eggs, sauteed onions, chives, and fakon.

Dinner was even better because 1. I worked up an appetite with another outing, this time to Trader Joe’s and 2. Because we had black cod marinated by Dave’s mom in the most amazing miso marinade.

I do miss posting about my long runs and what I learned in pilates class, but I promise you I am still getting a workout everyday on these crutches. Getting up and down from the couch alone uses my core, balancing on my right leg works my right glute and hopping up and down all of the stairs to my apartment is quite the cardio workout. So while I might be posting more about my meals than exercises, I assure you I’m burning calories just like the rest of you active people 🙂

What is your latest form of exercise? Anyone else been on crutches and understand the muscle burn and cardio workout I am going through?

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