Cleaning for Treats

When you come from a hospital stay after surgery you tend to forget about the pile of clean clothes you need to put away and the mountain of magazines that are piling up on your coffee table. You tend to focus on the patient’s healing and leave general cleanliness for your imaginary housekeeper. Well yesterday, the time came to address the hazardous boxes strewn across the apartment and the black hole of clothes spilling out of the dressers, so we cleaned.

It was a bit of a challenge for me but we made it work.

(Me folding clothes to then be given to Dave to put away)

It was incredibly therapeutic to clean up the apartment and put things in their place. I am more mobile now so it’s best to keep our tiny place as clean as possible to avoid an accident and it simply just feels good to have a tidy home.

As soon as we were done the doorbell rang and we were greeted with a package.

It wasn’t a gift to congratulate us on a job well done cleaning, but it was a get-well basket sent from Dave’s sister and her family and it was truly the most amazing basket of treats that I have ever seen – Thanks guys!!

I can’t wait to dive into the peanut butter chews, or maybe I’ll try the salsa first, or wait, one of the giant cookies…

Have you ever received a gift basket? Or sent one? 

I love sending edible arrangements 🙂

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