Never did I ever…

By age 25 there are certain aspects of life that one can expect to encounter, such as, possibly living with a significant other, hopefully holding a steady job and learning how to feed oneself with the use of the kitchen. And of course there are many things that one cannot be ready for – elements of life that one never expects to encounter.

In 2012, as a 25 year old woman, never did I ever expect to switch careers from the non-profit world to the corporate scene.

Never did I ever expect to love eggs as much as I do – I have had them basically every day since I have been recovering at home.

Never did I ever expect to break my hip while training for my 3rd half marathon, resulting in the purchase of a wheel chair for long outings.

And never did I ever expect to adopt a cat – which is what we did yesterday 🙂

What are some things that you have encountered that you never expected on your life journey?

5 thoughts on “Never did I ever…

  1. Miaja

    I never expected to have a child with special needs, or to have 4 Chihuahuas, to get my college degree at 41 years old (I graduate next week!), to LOVE brussels sprouts, or to have such an awesome family of my own!

    P.S. I adopted a black and white cat when I was in my 20s, too!

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