Check Up

As new kitty parents we did the responsible thing yesterday and got her a full check up.

She was not super fond of leaving her new home, but she did great at the vet and everyone loved her!

She is a healthy kitty with a bit of a tire around her middle that we need to whittle down, so we are adjusting her diet and we are upping her exercise – which everyone could use in this family at the moment.

Crutches are exhausting, but because I can’t really do a typical workout I try to use them as much as I can. Even when we go out to dinner with these two fabulous goofballs: Elisette and Jacob

After two big outings (the vet and dinner) I was ready to crash on the sofa and welcome sleep.

Does your pet like going to the vet?

How did you spend your Saturday? 

Anyone been on crutches and have any workout suggestions?

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