Welcome to the family

Last week we adopted our new kitty from the wonderful people down at the SFSPCA. The animals in the shelter are so well taken care of physically and emotionally and the adoption process was a complete pleasure. The shelter is right next to my office so I went in to visit the adult cats awhile ago and fell in love with this 2 year old cat with no tail. A few weeks later we brought her home and now nubbins, as we affectionally call her, is part of our family.

Of course, I have never owned a cat before and even though they are low maintenance, there are still many things that I am learning, including what to feed her?!?!

I have to say, all of the names sounded foul to me, but with advice from the vet to feed her non-fish products, we went with a tasty chicken and gravy meal.

All I can say is she seems happy, she is well fed, and she gets TONS of cuddles from us 🙂

She has also been wonderfully therapeutic while I sit on the couch and recover, as well as thoroughly entertaining to watch!

We are excited to have her in our lives!

Any cat tips from fellow cat parents?

Today’s a big day. I am heading back into the office for a few hours after 3 weeks of being absent due to my accident.

Wish me luck!

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