Dad’s Here!

As many of you know, I am not native to California. I grew up in NJ and moved out to San Francisco a year after college to be with my boyfriend who is from the bay area. I love living here, but having family live so far away is never easy, especially when you break your hip and could use some parental care.

My mom was able to visit me in the hospital for a few days and yesterday my dad came to visit 🙂

Because I am only doing half days at work we had the morning to spend together and then we met back up in the evening for a sushi dinner. It is so nice to see him and spend time together. I wish my family lived closer, but I feel fortunate enough that we have the ability to see each other when we can.

Plus daddy brings flowers

He is here through Friday so we will be spending a bit more time together 🙂

Do you live near your family? Do you see your family often?

Complete side note:

Who is excited for the Olympics!!!??!! ME ME!!

I love watching most of the games, but my favorites are:

Diving, synchronized swimming, gymnastics and of course some running

What are your favorites to watch?

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