WIAW – back at work

My cat, like all cats, does not like to sleep at night, but boy does she love to snuggle and snooze in the morning. We normally put her in the bathroom at night so she is calm in a small space, but Monday night we couldn’t catch her and she kept us awake most of the night running around and meowing. When I laid down on the couch yesterday morning she was exhausted and came right up on my lap and fell asleep for a LONG time. I was not happy to be awake the other night, but it’s hard to be mad at her when she is such a good cuddler 🙂

She even refused to move when I ate my breakfast of rice cakes and PB and J

Because I am heading into work this week around noon I have been splitting up my lunch. Before I left the house I had some cottage cheese and then snacked on this minty luna bar at my desk.

I bought this tofu jerky awhile ago and when I started to get hungry I reached for it in my desk drawer. Big mistake! This was disgusting. I am all for soy products, but this texture was way off and immediately after the first bite I ran to our company candy jar and had a piece of chocolate to save my taste buds.

By the time I got home I was ready for a big salad with turkey, avocado, cherry tomatos and broccoli eaten while reclining on the couch.

(Please ignore the broken lamp behind me)

The rest of the evening involved some cereal with almond slivers and my feet up on the couch.

Today I have a special visitor!! So happy to see him…

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