PT for ME

Ever since I came home from the hospital I have documented milestones such as, going to the bathroom by myself, taking a shower, hopping down the stairs, and now I have reached a new level – I went to physical therapy yesterday!

I have mastered my crutches and championed the stairs, so I felt it was time to strengthen the muscles that I have not been using. In 4 weeks time the muscles in my left leg have disappeared and I am determined to build them back up quickly, walking or no walking.

I took a break from cardio on the crutches and traded those sticks for some strength training.

The moves were not particularly comfortable, but I know that after the first week of clams and leg lifts I will see a big difference.

Day one of exercises done – on to day two!

Do you see a Physical Therapist?

2 thoughts on “PT for ME

  1. I did, after breaking my ankle last year. I got referred by the hospital and went for about 6 weeks, it was well worth it. Its good to see you making progress!

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