Just doing what I do best – Running…

Yesterday was the San Francisco Marathon. This was my first half marathon last year and this year I signed up months ago to race in the second half. It was a hard run last year, but after I finished I was ready to sign up for another race, and so the addiction to running really began. I was excited to run again this year after coming back from two relatively minor injuries and I was feeling really strong after all of the pilates I had been doing. Unfortunately this broken hip occurred at the beginning of a ten mile training run for this exact event and yesterday I experienced a twinge of sadness in the morning when I realized that waves of runners would be racing without me.

After I allowed myself to be sad for a minute I realized that yes, I can’t even walk right now let alone run, but hey, I will walk in the next week or two, I am not stuck in a wheel chair or bedridden, I am already spending most of my days at work and I am well on my way to a full recovery.

So while this bottle cap I got yesterday with my mint tea is not physically applicable at this very moment…

“When all else fails, start running”

I like to think that even with my injury I am getting my life back up and RUNNING by going back to work, getting bills in order, seeing friends and family and basically doing everything that I can despite my accident.

Like even getting my nails done 🙂

So here is to all of the runners out there – racing on the road or in life – CONGRATS!

You all deserve to take a quick, rejuvenating nap 🙂

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