WIAW: Forget CrossFit…Crutch-It

I know that CrossFit is the big craze right now, and I while I have not had a chance to test my strength with a WOD, I have been working my muscles with a similar intensity – using my CRUTCHES!

Hopping around on one leg and using my arms for support to do anything and go anywhere has given me serious triceps, a hefty right quad and a healthy heart. I also just started to work on all of the muscles on the left side of my body below my hip with some at home exercises.

In order to make sure I can last the whole day and have enough energy to hop up the 3 flights of stairs to my apartment I make sure that I am properly fueled. Yesterday’s breakfast started with some eggs and salsa (and a kitty on the side)I spent most of the day at work, munching on all of these snacksAfter a few errands I came home and made a delicious dinner of corn salad (a summer staple) and BBQ chicken for two.

How do you fuel for your hard workout days?

Thoughts on CrossFit?

7 thoughts on “WIAW: Forget CrossFit…Crutch-It

  1. David Frank

    Almond butter! Its awesome on cereal.

    There is a CrossFit across the street from where I work. I’ve never done one of their workouts, but the people look really silly rolling huge tires up and down the parking lot.

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